The Great Blog Switch

It is official. I have moved my blog back to Wordpress after a 3 year hiatus, which I honestly thought was only 2 years. The past 3 years, I have been using Squarespace as my blog host/platform. In July 2011, there was a vulnerability in my Wordpress installation that was exploited and no matter what I tried, I could resolve the problem. So I moved over to Squarespace, which meant paying for blog hosting but it also meant a kind of insurance and tech support that I did not have when the software was free. I was not unhappy at Squarespace. I enjoyed trying to play within the templates, and I appreciated the kind of analytics and comment features Squarespace provided. When Squarespace 6 came along, I upgraded my site and bought the domain

Recently, I just kept feeling the confines of the design templates available on S6 and I was playing around with WP again for my professional portfolio site and thought, "why not?" So, I made the move back and so far, so good. I'm sure as I go through the site I'll find broken links, missing files and photos and will do my best to update links, etc. If you see something I missed, let me know: or using the Contact Form in the menu bar.

You will probably need to update your RSS feeds if you subscribe that way.

Thanks for sticking around while I work out the wrinkles from this digital move across platforms.