Summer 2015 Playlist

Last year, I shared my summer playlist and for months afterward, I listened to those songs. I love how that specific playlist will forever be associated with housesitting, trying new recipes, walking around neighborhoods that were not my own, road trips, making the most of long days, and reconnecting with friends. I shared my affection for Summer, as a season a few weeks ago. In that post, I wrote about recklessness:

I loved Summer as a kid, loved leaving my house after breakfast and returning just before dinner. I loved the freedom of being outside, away from authority, from rules. I loved riding my bike to the ice-cream shop, to the library, stacks and stacks of books, stories waiting for me to discover them. Even as I got older and worked through the Summers, there was a hint of recklessness to our decisions we might have overlooked when class was in session. We stayed awake a bit longer, drank one or two or four more drinks. We smiled more easily, worried only about getting too much sun. I’ve always been a bit too serious, and Summer gave me a chance to let things slide, to say things I might not otherwise say, to share more of myself, to run into the crashing waves, or hold hands a moment too long. Summer has never been about standing still, not for me.

This summer is time to think, to read, to listen to music a bit too loud, to eat plums, fresh seafood and ignore the way your clothes stick to you in the heat. It is for staying up too late, traveling, reading, and rolling down the windows for the almost cool night air. It is for secrets told on back porches, laughter drifting across lawns, for remembering and forgetting, for throwing yourself into projects, into conversations, into something new.

Depending on what Summer represents to you, you may have differing opinions on what makes a good playlist for the season. The songs here are not all current, though many of them are what I'm listening to right now, on road trips, during workouts, while washing dishes, doing laundry. It's the music in the background of my conversations and emails. For me, there's just a feeling, a vibe that accompanies collections of songs for a season, particularly Summer. You'll have to listen for yourself to see if it works for you.

I brought up quite a bit of music in my currently, July post so I won't emphasize those artists here. Some highlights I think you'll love:

Sam Bruno "Search Party," This song is going to be everywhere pretty soon because it's featured on the Paper Towns Soundtrack, and when you listen to it you'll understand why.

Glass Animals "Gooey" I've been obsessed with this song since at least April. There's just something about it that makes me smile. The entire album is good; I particularly like "Black Mambo."

Adam Lambert "Ghost Town" You may have heard this on the radio already. If you want to call it a guilty pleasure then do so. I'm actually enjoying everything I've heard off the album so far. I have "Underground" on my July playlist.

Major Lazer featuring Wild Belle "Be Together" I got the privilege of seeing Major Lazer two years ago at Pygmalion and it was pretty crazy. I did not know much before I went to the show, but this most recent album is excellent. "Lean On" is getting a lot of radio play and "Powerful" is another highlight, but I think this song is my favorite.