so, random


I'm always up for some randomness, sharing the small details, responses to quizzes, the minutiae of life. When Lindsey shared her 5 Random Things, I knew I'd join in. I can't resist a list.

1. The smell of coffee is like perfume to me. I love walking down the coffee aisle in a grocery stores that have the grinders where you can ground your own beans. I love writing in coffee shops all day and the way my bag smells afterwards. I'm in search of a good coffee candle because I can't brew or drink enough coffee to sustain my love for the smell of it.

2. I think about where I would go if I could travel in time, and worry that if I could actually change things, it would be to my detriment. I can know that if I'd made some different decisions, my life would be drastically changed. There are so many moments, though, I wish I'd handled better or done differently, wish I'd been more kind, less selfish.

3. I listen to music constantly. A few years ago, I started making monthly playlists through Spotify and it's one of my favorite things to do. Each year, I have a collection of songs, a record of what I listened to and when. The music snob in me loves that I can prove I'm sometimes ahead of the curve. I will listen to a song non-stop in March, for example and almost a year later it's all over the radio. This happened with Hozier's "Take Me to Church," which is an amazing song. And you should go listen to it now, chances are you've already heard it in a preview or commercial on TV. I discovered it through Spotify radio. I was listening while cooking and when the song came on, I had to stop and find out who in the world was singing. The whole album is really good.

4. I used to record myself reading pieces of the newspaper, and as part of it I'd give movie reviews though I hadn't actually seen the movies. So I would give suggestions based on who was in it and what I thought the plot was from the trailers I'd seen. I was about 8 or 9 when I was into recording everything. I'd walk around with a bulky tape recorder my grandparents gave me one just recording what people said, TV shows, conversations, myself playing piano--terribly.

5. I am an awful morning person. It's more than "oh, she's not a morning person". I am terrible at getting started in the mornings, or any time of day I wake up and get moving. As a lifelong night owl, I have trouble with mornings. I need time to lay in bed, possibly go back to sleep for 10 minutes, complain, stare at the ceiling, whatever. Then I need coffee. About 20 minutes after coffee, I can manage full sentences.

Random bonus: I love going to the movies. There's something about sitting in the dark with a bunch of people, experiencing the escape of a film together that I love. I've only walked out of a few movies even though I saw some terrible films. One of them I can't remember the name of but it was a werewolf movie that was just awful. In college, I had a friend who worked at a movie theater and used to give me passes for movies. I saw some of the best and worst films of the 90's and early 2000's thanks to him.