#reverb14: hero(es)


Hero: Who was your hero this year? Tell us why. What makes a hero in your eyes?

A hero can be defined in a lot of ways. To me, being a hero is about being brave in the face of adversity, speaking out, fighting for social justice, for a cause. A hero uses the resources they have to say or do something on behalf of others.

This year my heros are the people who continue to fight for women's rights, whether they march, raise money, or write blogs, or tweet, or retweet, or give speeches, or write sketches, or sing music, or change policies, or simply vote a particular way. Women and men who use their voice for feminism, quietly, or loudly in their communities, on public platforms with optimism and passion whenever and wherever they can are heroes.

And though I can't thank all of you who fight the fight every day in small ways, I can call attention to some men and women  who were my heros this year:

Sarah Silverman, Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Roxanne Gay, Laverne Cox, the makers of GoldieBlox, Shonda Rhimes, Emma Watson, every woman who shared her experience via the #yesallwomen hashtag, Amanda Seales, the incomparable Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Mo'Ne Davis who showed everyone the power of a fastball has nothing to do with gender, Emma Sulkowicz, whose performance art project of carrying her mattress around to bring attention to how Columbia University poorly handled her sexual assault case, Aziz Ansari, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Jennifer Lawrence, the women who wrote and acted and contributed to Frozen, Anne Thériault and others who chimes in on Twitter to create a feminist Princess Bride in the wake of Timesuggesting we ban the word feminism itself ... and a million more women and men who contribute their humor, hearts, and voices to feminism every single day:

It matters.