Exploring, March


Each month I look for new ways to implement my word for 2015. One focus of exploring has been trying to create better sleeping habits. How am I so bad at sleeping? I love naps. I sometimes think there should be a competition I could enter for napping because I am so amazing at a 15-20 minute nap. But when it comes to settling down for extended sleep, I'm just terrible.

In February, I started listening to Sleep Meditations, which also include sounds that you can choose like waves, balcony rain, wind chimes, etc. I enjoy falling asleep to the sounds and the idea of preparing one's mind for sleep, a part of sleeping patterns that we somehow forget about as adults.

I think part of the problem is that we have morning routines, things that signal to our bodies and mind that it's time to wake up, get things done. Alarms go off; we shower; we make coffee, brush our teeth, get dressed, etc. But I don't have a nightly routine. I've been listening to Gretchen Rubin's podcast and there's an episode where she talks about the way we don't set ourselves a bedtime and have a tendency to wander to the bed when we imagine we're tired enough to go to sleep. Her suggestion is to set an alarm for going to bed. This is my plan for the rest of March, to set a bedtime alarm. This is going to be tricky because I'm also going on a bit of a mini-break to a conference in New Orleans, which will probably throw my routine out of balance, but that's okay.

Other explorations:

Using my 32 oz water bottle to drink more water is going really well. I've cut down on the amount of coffee I drink every day. Sometimes none! Although I still get caffeine through tea and chocolate (in small doses). I didn't set out to give up coffee just to drink more water. I still love coffee, don't worry. I haven't made it to the full 64 ounces of water each day but I typically drink somewhere between 40-50, so it's getting there.

My love of cauliflower lives on. This week I made roasted cauliflower with lemon and garlic and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Holy cow. If I'd known cauliflower was so good, I would have eaten it years ago.

Trying to eat a mid-afternoon protein-filled snack so I'm not completely ravenous before eating dinner. So far, I've tried Special K plus Antioxidants Protein Bars, Planter's Nutrition packs, home-made protein shakes, and I just recently discovered Sargento Balanced Breaks, which I'm now obsessed with.

Still enjoying rowing and I'm thinking I'll do the elliptical in-between. Haven't worked out a great routine yet but I have a gym buddy who tries to workout with me at least twice a week. I really want to push that to 3 times but so far we've only been able to stick to two. Better than nothing, right?

There are some things I want to focus on for April including decluttering and organizing, throwing stuff away/getting rid of stuff as well as continuing with my taking care habits. March will be focused on trying to sleep better, and eating more vegetables, getting to the gym as much as possible and drinking lots of water.

M and I also have some adventures planned for our mini-break to New Orleans which I'm excited about, too.

What are you exploring this month? What should I explore in the future?