currently, October

Weather: It's been beautiful, lately, not too cool; the leaves have changed and are crunching under feet. Playing: Lifeline and Lifeline 2. These are text-based app games that are like choose your own adventure books. I like Lifeline, the original, better but I'm enjoying the 2nd chapter too. I became pretty attached to the character in Lifeline so it's hard for me to adjust to a new character even if her story is compelling.

Eating: my eating habits are so boring these days; I'm not doing a great job of preparing meals so I eat a lot of salads and black bean burgers.

Drinking: coffee!

Wearing: sweaters, light jackets, fleece; since we're in the in-between weather I need something more than the short sleeves I normally wear. I'm breaking out the quarter length sleeve shirts and you can't stop me.

Reading: student essays and crime novels, mostly but I just got Astonish Me from the library so I'll be reading it next and maybe we'll listen to an audio book as we drive cross country this week.

Watching:  I'm pretty enamored with John Oliver's show and I'm watching @midnight again on lunch breaks because they're both 30 minute shows. It's football season so I try to watch the games when I can.

Listening: Clearly, I love bands with "ghost" in the title. This summer I loved Handsome Ghost and now I'm into Ghost Loft, especially their song "Overflow."

Also Bishop's "Wild Horses" which is featured in a car commercial right now so you might recognize it.

I'm really digging Foals new stuff, "Mountain at My Gates" is my favorite right now and the video was shot solely on a GoPro which is kinda cool. (Mom, don't watch this; it will make you motion sick.)

Feeling: I need a new word for how overwhelmed I feel. Deadlines close in and I owe people emails. I'm behind on everything and trying to prioritize tasks makes me want to lay my body on a beach somewhere and watch the tide come in.

Loving: my new haircut and color; my hair hasn't been this short in a while and I am adjusting to the fact it's no longer ponytail easy. It's easy to curl and doesn't take as much time to style. And I love the Fall color of browns and reds and light blonde.

Anticipating: our week-long road trip to the Grand Canyon. Here's to road trips with people you love and exploring new places.

Trying: not to worry, overanalyze and freak out about all that needs to happen in preparation for travel, the conference and instead focus on how awesome it will be to travel