currently, november


Drinking: the last of my Gloria Jean Butter Toffee coffee; need to get some more as the weather gets colder

Eating: completely obsessed with the deli chicken salad from Kroger; I have it at least once a week. They also have really yummy edamame salad.

Listening: to lots of podcasts. I'm obsessed with the NPR podcast, Serial.  The story is captivating, called a cross between NPR and True Detective, and while it does have the compelling true crime hook, Koenig also raises questions about integrity, journalism, and the nature of truth and what and how we believe what we believe. I was surprised, though I shouldn't have been, by how many of my friends are also listening. Seriously, download this on iTunes now, you'll be hooked from the beginning like I was.

Also, Taylor Swift's 1989 is very good. My favorite song so far is the Jack Antonoff produced "Out of the Woods."

Watching: Season 2 of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Netflix. It's an Australian show that I completely adore. If the idea of a Lady Detective in the 1920's sounds the least bit interesting to you, then I highly recommend the series. The fashion is amazing, as is the portrayal of a very progressive woman in the 20's. The chemistry between the main characters is fantastic.

Reading: Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer because I'm considering it for next semester. I'd seen the film a few years ago, but find myself enjoying the book so far and not remembering exactly the intricacies of the plot or how things are connected.

Wearing: I realize I may be late on this trend, but I recently discovered clear matte top coat for nails and I completely love it. It's getting colder here so I'm breaking out the fleece and sweatpants. Comfy rules.

Feeling: nostalgic

Weather: It's been raining and cold the past few days. According to the weathermen, the cold is going to stick around. I'm trying not to have the heat on yet, but it's getting close to that time.

Wanting: These Fancy Sorel boots in black, so going on my Christmas wish list, as is most everything in the Land's End catalog.

Wishing: I had more time for reading, that I was better at prioritizing my time.

Hoping: I can meet all of my upcoming deadlines.

Enjoying: my new Alice in Wonderland comforter, it's microfiber and really snuggly, remember the theme here is comfort.

Loving: texting with my mom; she's very good at emojis