currently, may 2015

Weather: Hot, humid, rainy. Ugh, it feels like Alabama most days lately and I'm not really into that.

Eating: chickpea burgers with Opa Feta dill sauce; it's my favorite thing right now by far

Wearing: my hair up in a ponytail or bun, most days right out of the shower. It's too hot to blow dry and curl right now and it's so easy to pull back.

Reading: Girl on a Train, which came highly recommended by my mother and others

Watching: I haven't been watching much TV these days. We saw Pitch Perfect 2 at the movies this week. Surprise afternoon movie date, and it was ridiculous and funny and while there was a lot going on in the plot, I enjoyed it.

Listening: Is it okay to be obsessed with one's own playlist? I've been making monthly playlists on Spotify since 2012. Every 4 months I pull my favorite songs from the monthly playlist and label them 1/4, 2/4, 3/4 etc. The 4/4 playlist is usually a year-end collection of the songs I listened to most. Right now, I have my 1/4 2015 on heavy rotation. I don't know exactly what it is about it, but I can't get enough. You can find it on the sidebar or follow me on Spotify. I'm really digging AWOLNation's "Hollow Moon" (Bad Wolf) and Vaults' "Lifespan", but really I just listen to the whole playlist on repeat.

Feeling: like I can finally relax now that the semester is done; I have an incredibly busy summer, of course, but it's nice once things settle down a bit

Enjoying: riding my bike with M, made it 6.5 miles, my longest ride ever

Anticipating: my nephew's arrival; his due date is soon and my sister-in-law's C-section is scheduled for early next week

Loving: seeing M everyday

Wishing: a speedy recovery for my Mom from oral surgery

Preparing: for a conference presentation this week at HASTAC

Trying: the GRID workout M has gone on and on about for months; It's tough but satisfying, achingly so.

Exploring: ways to maximize my protein intake; eating lots of nuts, black bean burgers, chicken