currently, february

Playing: with different ways to wear my hair. Some days it's straight, some days quite curly, other days just a little wavy. My generous, and all around awesome mother-in-law recently cut and colored it for me and I'm not sure I've ever loved a hairstyle more. Even on bad hair days when I throw on a hat, (let's face it, most days this winter I have to wear some kind of hat, anyway) I like the way it looks.


Drinking: tons of water. I try to get in at least 32-50 ounces in a day, which is like my full water bottle and a half. I haven't made it to 2 water bottles yet but I feel good if I drink 32 oz of a water a day.

Eating: Asparagus and zuchinni. Loving finding ways to get some veggies in my diet. I have a new asparagus recipe to try that involves feta cheese and I'm excited about it. I've also renewed my love of black bean burgers because I have finally discovered Morningstar's Chipotle Black Bean burgers, which are harder to find than you might realize. My favorite black bean burgers have disappeared from stores but I do like the Morningstar version quite a bit and they're less calories (and smaller) than the Lightlife ones I used to get.

Listening: to Milo Greene

and also BØRNS

 Watching: Vera, rewatching the first two seasons and then catching up on the last two, one of which I checked out of the library and suddenly felt very much like an old person, like my Granny, watching my mysteries. The character of Vera is fascinating to me, because she could is a conflicted, complex mess of a person and a brilliant detective. She reminds me frequently of Colombo. And that's what I find interesting, that she has many qualities of characters I've seen and those are usually male characters.  And Brenda Blethyn plays these qualities perfectly. It's refreshing that Vera is older, a bit of a mess, not seen as a mother figure or caretaker. In fact, it is her co-worker, DS Ashworth who often takes care of her, or tries to, reminding her to take care of her health, reminding her of her humanity. There's a scene in Season 2, I think, where he gives Vera a present to give to his daughter at her communion, because he knows she wouldn't have thought of it and he doesn't want his wife to see Vera as rude. There are a many moments like this throughout the series, and these are just a few of the reasons I love the show.

Reading: Trying to finish the Southern Reach Trology; I'm on the last book, Acceptance. I have several books checked out of the library, as well, Emma Straub's The Vactioners is next up. And there are so many on my "to read" list.

Wearing: Scarves and hats. Winter go-tos when it is so incredibly cold.

Feeling: Pleased that so many students have utilized office hours this week. I wish some would ask more questions in class because they have really good questions that I usually end up bringing up when we meet as a class, anyway.

Weather: Well, last week classes were canceled as well as having a few late starts because of the temperature. It snowed big fluffy flakes over the weekend and the last few days have been sunny but cold. Today is in the upper 20's which, believe it or not, is warmer than it has been.

Enjoying: teaching digital writing and rhetoric; I look forward to prepping for class and working with students on their projects, even though it's a ton of work; it makes me incredibly happy.

Feeling Grateful for: Facetime so I can connect with people I love almost any time of day. I remember years ago, (I think at Epcot) there was an exhibit of future technologies. I was young and it was the 80's so things like video telephones were a fantastical kind of imagined technology. I remember my mom and I talking about how we'd feel strange that people could see us while we talked them, and that we'd be self-conscious about how we looked. Now, the two of us Facetime frequently. What a wild world this is.

Loving: this color palette

Pretty in pink and orange 

Pretty in pink and orange 

Exploring:  Ways to get better sleep through nightly meditations. I typically don't have trouble falling asleep. I have trouble halfway through what should be REM sleep, waking up, so I'm seeing what I can do play sounds and meditations through the night to see if it makes a difference.