currently, December

What is up, December? How did you get here so quickly? I cannot believe almost an entire year has gone by, and with the exception of February which was so cold and miserable, it feels like it's been a blink.

Playing: M and I have become quite obsessed with Heads Up! Ellen's catchphrase style game for the iPhone and iPad. The game is only 99 cents but there are tons of categories (some free, some not) and we have made in-app purchases for those extra categories which means we can play for hours and not repeat. We play in restaurants waiting for tables, waiting for food, we play in the car (the non-driver of us being all time clue-giver for the duration of the journey), with our friends and relatives. There are categories for just about everyone.

Drinking: hot chocolate from the milk frother, oh it's the BEST

Eating: Mildly obsessed with chicken parmesan Pizza Rolls; more than a few times this month I've had them for dinner when I don't feel like actually eating a full meal, also cereal for dinner, my favorite.

Listening: Slow Cub's Complete Surrender blew me away. "Complete Surrender," "Queen's Nose," and "Number One" are my favorites.

Also Sohn's "Lessons" is just so good you won't want to stop listening to it. The opening lyrics cut right to it:

Of lessons learned, of lessons learned Of bridges burned, of bridges burned This time I'll do things differently This time I'd like to need you less

Watching: Despite my initial misgivings, I've actually been watching Gracepoint, the US version of the really good BBC America miniseries Broadchurch. I loved Broadchurch. I thought the acting was excellent, the story well-paced and compelling, the mysteries within mysteries felt organic like the kinds of leads that don't pan out during investigations but still have rippling effects on a small town. However, Gracepoint makes those reveals feel manipulative. The chemistry between characters is not as dynamic in the American version, though the actor who plays the newspaper reporter infuses a lot of energy into the story. I'm not sure why I'm still watching but I figure I'll stick it out until the last episode which I haven't watched yet.

Reading: student essays, finals, I have a list of books I want to read over break, but for now, I have to finish grading.

Wearing: Willowbee Sky Double Toggle Boots I got these for 40 bucks during an Amazon Lightning Deal a few weeks ago. Since I got them, I've not stopped talking about them. They are the warmest, most comfortable winter shoes I've ever owned.


Feeling: in the Christmas spirit

Weather: It's been in the high 30's and low 40's lately. A nice warm up trend for this time of year. Today I only wore my fleece rather than my winter coat.

Hoping: I get this last bit of grading done quickly

Enjoying: all the winter scents that makes it smell like Christmas, especially the fresh balsam candle

Loving: the festive holiday nail wraps from Jamberry I got recently. I'm really excited about the upcoming tips and tricks get together some friends are having so my second set will look even better.