Currently, August 2015

Pretty much what I wore all summer

Weather: after an intense rainstorm, yesterday was beautiful and today is shaping up to be pleasant. It's still quite warm, but next week is supposed to be in the high 70's rather than the high 80's so I'm looking forward to a bit of a break from sweating so much.

Eating:  I've been exploring a variety of recipes, one for a version of pork Banh Mi sandwiches I will share with you soon. What makes the sandwich that much better is the pickled pineapple topping. I love pineapple and I've been eating a lot of it this summer.

Drinking: Sparkling Raspberry Iced Tea, and occasionally peach. M bought one of these for me to try and I really liked it. It has a bit of carbonation which I find refreshing but it has more flavor than sparkling flavored water. And it's only 70 calories so I can allow that for a treat. :)

Wearing:  2 pants sizes smaller! An amazing thing happened when I returned to Oxford. I was able to get into my smaller pants and shirts sizes.  So, while I will still wear workout gear (pictured above), I now have more choices than one pair of black pants. For some reason, I have like 5 different pairs of black dress pants in the smaller size. I've reclaimed my wardrobe! Now, I need to get organized so I can see everything I have.

Reading: I feel a little burned out on my reading choices lately. I've been reading some YA stuff and quick thrillers, murder mysteries. I'm waiting for something to capture my attention the way Station Eleven did at the beginning of the summer and so far, I've not found it. Recommendations welcome.

Watching: I haven't been watching much recently. I keep up with SYTYCD but that's about it. Football season will start soon and then I'll be actually watching TV instead of Hulu or Netflix.

Listening: I haven't completely given up my Summer Playlist but I've been listening to some other stuff recently as part of August's playlist. Handsome Ghost has become one of my favorites. I'm particularly enamored with "Weight of It All" which doesn't yet have a video but you can listen to it here. Such a damn good song. "Roads to oceans let's retrace the moments I had half erased; I'm going to be better."

I'm also digging Oh Wonder, who is putting out a song a month for a year. I like "Dazzle" and "Drive" and I can't wait for the entire album.

Here's "Dazzle"

I'm also intrigued by Coleman Hell's "2 Heads". The video is a bit weird but the song is cool.

Feeling: a tad anxious about the start of the semester but I figure the wrinkles of the first week will work themselves out

Anticipating: a full calendar but one with fun agendas, too

Enjoying: the last few days before the semester kicks off, sleeping without an alarm set

Preparing: course materials and schedules; also trying to mentally prepare for the pace the new semester will bring

Exploring: ways to optimize my energy, a new slate of fitness classes at the rec