random thoughts from 3 blog posts I considered deleting

I've started three different blog posts about fall. I've deleted them all. Like Justine, I've been having trouble letting go of summer, or rather the "me of summer." I feel like this summer, more than ever before, I had time to write, to ponder and reflect, to think about the person, (the teacher, the partner, the friend) I aspire to be. And work a bit to become more like her.

Now, despite my usual love affair with Fall, I am afraid. I'm afraid that I'll get too busy to remember how to breathe, how to remain in the moment. I'm afraid I'll get caught up again or that I haven't really changed as much as it feels like I have. Lyrics from
David Gray's song "Transformation" keep running through my mind:

Oh my hearties bold as brass
Roll it out like summer grass
Take me back where I came from
Transformation has begun

I don't know how to write about fall without feeling a bit sad that summer is gone.

We just celebrated Labor Day; it's the third week of classes. Fall is in full swing, here to stay and I haven't had the air conditioning on all week. It's almost cold when we leave in the mornings and the nights are perfectly crisp and clear. Saturday we drove to Bloomington on the back road so we could have the windows down. We listened to M's ipod and sang along, the wind in our hair. It was a perfect day.

I feel like there's a promise in Fall, one I'm scared to believe.

I'm also completely obsessed with owls and trees right now as evidenced by the following these I'm in love with on etsy: