in case anyone needs evidence of my geekhood

Not wanting to come off like the rabid fan I am, I don't post much about the CW show Supernatural here but if you allow me to geek out for a moment, it will be worth it, well at least if you have a similar sense of humor. There were moments last season and during the writer's strike that the show slipped a few notes. The first two seasons were amazing. Each episode could almost stand alone, in a way. The storytelling, the tension, the humor was all balanced really well. And then season 3 dipped a bit; though there were some definite highlights, it wasn't packed with good eps like some of the fans expected. It took a turn after the strike ended, in my opinion, and the last half of the season was solid and included the Bon Jovi moment, as I like to call it.

After last season's Bon Jovi moment I did not think there was ANYTHING more the Supernatural writers and actors could do that would endear me further. Not to be outdone, they've provided us with the following outtake:

In the original scene Jared Padelecki is supposed to tap on the glass as Jensen Ackles' cue for the dialogue of the scene to begin. Apparently, Jared decided to see what would happen if he just let Jensen go. And you've just seen it.

getting somewhere

I'm leaving Sunday for Daytona Beach to grade AP exams and then shortly after I'll be in Alabama. Not sure yet how my Internet access will be until I'm in 'bama so I'll take a journal with me to record the hilarity that inevitably ensues when I travel...anywhere.

I'm STILL working on the proposal and at least, at this point it's moving. Granted it took some frantic emails and a conference call with my director but I finally think we're on a similar page and I can start doing the work of making better connections, being explicit, blah, blah, blah.

If I were my friends, I'd tune me out when I get going about this process because it's all I've lived with lately. And it's making me crazier than usual. I'm hoping this trip will do me good. Of course, I'm not packed nor am I ready. I have no clean clothes to pack anyway... and the saga continues.