national poetry month

waiting for you

It's April! (wait, how is it already April?) April means it's National Poetry Month. Any chance I get to experiment with, read and write poetry makes me happy. We'll be studying it in my freshman class this month along with working on creative assignments. And I'll be sharing some of my favorite poems and maybe some things I write in class. 

What I love about this Whitman line is that I think of poetry, of writing like it's always waiting for me. If I miss the opportunity in one space, I'll find another space, like the words, the sounds, the stuff I have to say waits. But at the same time, I can stare at blank pages for days; grind my teeth out of frustration and feel my head heavy with tension because I haven't written. 

I've been intermittent on the blog lately, tough to find mental space for everything. I have folders, scraps of paper, things I want to write and share and say. I'm starting with this.

Here are 2 found poems I wrote using features from USA Today. The first is my favorite, but the second is growing on me.

Like a Knife

by Devon Ralston

Carefully sharpening the tools of the trade:
the way you work,
your craft
resonates delicately.

The kitchen is quiet.

There's so much about a story,
THE story

your day looks borrowed.


The Idea Revolution

by Devon Ralston

to slip into my life
is to weigh in on 
a half-dozen forgotten wrongs,

limited power in divided hands.

Observers have a point:
the transaction of enthusiasm
is likely to win.
(A round of nods).

I grew up in Alabama,
emotionally connected,
putting it out there,

a dream state
of mind.

poem in my pocket

This is the poem I carried in my pocket in celebration of National Poetry month. I took a photo of the poem and saved it as my lock screen. Kind of a cool way to carry a poem in one's pocket, don't ya think? 

I've been a fan of Nikki Giovanni's since undergrad when I completed a project on her for a poetry class and when I got to meet her years ago, I thought I was going to faint. She was gracious and nice and hysterical and allowed me to send her a poem I'd written inspired by her. I find her amazing as a person not just a poet and I'm obsessed with her love poems. This one comes from her book, Bicycles.


A Song For You

~Nikki Giovanni

I sing for you
Out of tune
Off key
Forgetting lyrics
Remembering longing

I perch
On your heart
I whisper in your ear

Tiptoeing lightly
Across your lashes
I steal a kiss

You flick
And blink
And flick

I fly away
Leaving my song
     doo wop doo wop
doo wop doo ditty ditty wop


Poem on my pocket