From Brené Brown's blog Ordinary Courage

What I love about this "exercise" or way of thinking is that it gives me an opportunity to think about myself in context with a bigger picture. I get to think about and reflect on my previous week an really pay attention to what I'm thinking and feeling. I normally write these in my personal journal or on post-it notes instead of sharing them publicly but there's such a power in being open with myself, even if no one sees or reads what I've written. It's why I continue to blog. So, here are my thoughts on TGIF.

1. Who/what are you trusting today?

2. Who/what are you grateful for today?

3. Who/ what is inspiring you today?

Today, I am trusting my instincts regarding a decision I made for next semester even though it meant admitting that I had previously agreed to something hastily and because I was trying to be a "team player" instead of thinking of what was best for me and for my students.

I'm grateful for my relationship with my mother. It's taken a long time to reach a point of understanding and compassion between us. It's not always perfect and there are things I'd like to change about it but I'm grateful for her perspective and advice. I know that no matter what, I have a place of unwavering love and support.

I am inspired by the colors and textures of Spring. I love having the windows open, seeing everything in bloom. It reminds me that life is beautiful, that I am lucky to be able to take it all in, to photograph and share it with my friends and partner.