one part wisdom: a relaunch

For those of you who have been reading my writing online, you know the spaces in which I've written have had many iterations. There are many things I know now about design, about web hosts, about malware and hacks that I did not know I should even be concerned with when I began blogging almost 15 years ago. 

Because I research social media, I spend a great deal of time online, which means I'm spending much of my days sitting behind a computer screen. I needed a break. Or I thought I did. But the further away I moved from blogging toward Instagram, mostly, the more I felt the pull to return to writing, here. I've created drafts of posts I never published, and last week said "I should blog about x". I'm a reflective person by nature and I think I'm better at life when I have an outlet. 

For the past year, I've rolled around ideas in my head about the kinds of things I want to say and how I wanted to frame and brand the new site. I made a list of the posts people favorited. I made a list of the posts I like to write and the kind of longform expressions I long for that don't fit inside an Instagram or Facebook post. And hopefully, I've landed on something that feels like a conversation, a connection, a point of contact where readers can say, "I know what you mean." 

The title of the blog comes from a tag line I used on my old site: You Had Me at Neurotic which read 2 parts neuroses, 1 part wisdom, all parts true. While this sentiment accurately represents my thinking, "one part wisdom stuck" with me over the course of the year where I worked off and on on the blog design. It feels more fully aligned with the place from which I want to write. One thing I learned in moving content across platforms is that I'm the worst at file organization. I've lost many images along the way as I made the move away from Wordpress. There are many reasons I returned to Squarespace, but mostly it was because I hated the recent WP platform. I had many security problems, though some of that is blamed on my webhost. If you want to nerd out about blogging platforms, let's have coffee. 

You're likely to find broken links and images as you navigate through the site, though I'm working on cleaning everything up. (It's not like I have a team of people over here at  Ralstonia helping me). If you find something you think I should know about, use the contact link at the bottom of the page and let me know. 

In the next few days, you'll start to see posts about food, music and things that are on my mind. I'm working on the yearly Summer Playlist post, so you can stop holding your breath. 

hello again

Hello, it's me. I've been wondering if after all this time you'd like to.. oh, wait those are Adele lyrics.  I've spent weeks wondering what I should with this blog. I have a dozen half-written posts from the past few months, and I've missed writing here. But something just kept interrupting my time. I didn't write very much during #reverb either, which is indicative of me putting my energies elsewhere, but also of just using other spaces like Instagram to tell daily stories.

I've been blogging for over decade. That's a lot of posts, images, music, recipes shared. So much of my life is represented, reflected, explored in this space, and I didn't want to completely give it up. I started blogging around the same time I moved to the Midwest for grad school. I also began researching blogging and as the genre of blogging evolved so did my own writing style. I think that's evident if you read old posts which sometimes feel like a public journal than the more essayistic, narrative style of more recent posts. I love that I have a record of my thoughts and feelings on so many topics. I like that my individual, personal, spiritual growth is as evident as my intellectual one. I started blogging because I wanted a space to share what I was thinking, and to use what I wrote to connect to others. And when I think about all of the people who have stumbled across my writing and commented over the years, it satisfies a need in me, one that has been making its way to the surface in a variety of ways over time. I care about people, even people I've yet to meet and I hope my experiences offer insight, or at the very least help them feel less alone. That's what reading blogs has done for me, anyway.

This is a year of big changes. We're moving to South Carolina where I'm taking a new teaching position. I'm incredibly excited. I'm also a little terrified. The past four years have not been ideal, but you get used to a routine nonetheless and despite my nomadic tendencies, change is difficult even when it's really good because it's unknown. However, I am lucky because I have so many people in my life supporting, encouraging and rooting us on.

With all of the changes about to happen, and with my need to get back to writing coupled with the desire to honor all the writing that's come before in this space, I decided to refresh my blog design, and re-commit to writing here. My goal is to post something once a week, which may be photographs, small snippets and observations or longer form writing. I'll also be re-publishing some of my favorite posts that you might have missed since you probably haven't been reading my ramblings for 10 plus years.

I hope you'll stick around, follow me on various social media, and see where this next adventure takes me. I've missed you, dear readers.