reverb11: more time

Prompt: Time: If you had 3 more hours in the day what would you do with them?  How do you want to spend your time in 2012? 

If I had 3 more hours in the day, I would spend 1 hour writing. I would spend 1 hour taking pictures.

And then I would cook. I've really gotten into cooking in the last few years and I always want to do more. In 2012, I want to cook more elaborate dishes. I want to try challenging recipes and bake a pie or attempt tiramasu. I want to cultivate a palette, to know what tastes good without measuring or thinking too hard about it. I want to make my plates beautiful and creative. But mostly, I want to cook for people and have conversations over wine. I want to go bed sated from our discussions and I want to relish in a meal well made.


reverb 11: Food

 Food: What did you eat this year that stayed with you?  Did you experiment with a new meal?  Try a new restaurant? Reflect on your good (or less desirable) eats with detail and explain why it stayed with you!

I love this prompt because in some way or another, it's been part of the reflective look back each year I've done this. In 2009, I wrote about our foodie road trip and in 2010, I wrote about our visit to Hilbilly Tea in Louisville, Kentucky. And while it seems as though almost all of my reflections so far mention our wedding in some form, I could not even think about food without mentioning Girl and the Goat where M proposed in May. The food was amazing. We tried a dish called pig face, which may be the best pork I've ever eaten. In fact, I'm sure it is. I don't know if I have the words for how often I think about that meal and not just because M proposed but because it was so delicious, and the entire experience of eating in the restaurant of a chef I rooted for on Top Chef and having that experience be great, made me so deliriously happy. Finally, at the end of our meal, we got to meet Chef Stephanie Izard.


The best dessert I have had this year came in the form of Krispy Kreme bread pudding. Normally, I am not a big fan of bread pudding; it always seems kind of gummy to me. However, this bread pudding from Dupre's restaurant inside the Marriot Hotel in Spartanburg, South Carolina was so good that I ate it cold and with my hands when Michelle told me she saved me half. (The portions are ridiculous.)


I also tried a few new recipes that I can't imagine living without now, including Bowtie Chicken Pasta with artichokes and mushrooms, a recent Enchilada casserole, and a variation on what M and I call Cheesy Pasta Goodness which is cheese tortellini, baked with more cheese and pepperoni on top! Yummy. I tried making M's grandfather's Italian beef recipe, which actually went over pretty well and tasted delicious for days. It was less complicated than I imagined and I like the idea of carrying on family traditions in cooking. In 2012, I vow to make her mother's lasagne recipe, a goal I'm carrying over from last year because I just never asked for the recipe. 

I enjoy the experience of food, and of trying new things. Each year, we try to eat somewhere we've always wanted to go or that we've never been before. I look forward to all kinds of new tastes and experiences in 2012. And I'll try to do better about photographing it all.