Letter to April

Dear April,

Since I moved to Illinois you and I have had quite a tumultuous relationship. See my previous letters to you:
2008, 2007, first letter 2006, 2nd letter, 3rd letter for proof. You can see how I have loved you, have hoped you would return in warm and glorious ways. It's been 2 weeks since you made your presence known not with Spring rain for the flowers but with snow.

You've tricked us all, April. People say that you bring strange occurences, that you make us forget ourselves so we begin acting kind of crazy. While I do not know that we should completely blame you, I have to see this behavior as oddly consistent. As soon as you show up, things happen. Not all of them good. It's been a crazy few weeks in my own life, though March bore much of that weight. I expected you to comfort me. I wanted to be reminded of life, green grass and flowers not snow and ice.

I don't know what to think of you, anymore. I'm unconvinced that you want to dissolve the tension between us. I keep waiting for you to show me you still care. I think you are ignoring me, April. I'm not the only one suffering, however. So if you can't bring yourself back for me, do it for the children.... I dunno, that usually works in PSA's and other propaganda.

Today you are beautiful, warm and generous. You are all that I could have asked for and yet I do not trust that you will remain so. I know how fickle you have been in the past and though I want to believe you want to make amends, I find it difficult to ignore your past behavior.

Show me that I am wrong, April. I still believe in you. I believe that you can return to your former glory as the April we adore. Isn't that worth something?