This is the frame I gave Michelle for Valentine's Day.

This is a close-up of the top part, a kind of poem I wrote to Michelle. If you read only the blue letters it reads: I love you because, because, because, because, because... you


I wanted her to be able to see every day, a part of why I love her. I wanted to convey the mystery, the unexpectedness of how I feel when I'm with her and how secure I feel within the chaos because I trust Michelle completely. The point I'm trying to make is that the message was personal. I'm not trying to pretend that my feelings are unique or that no one else could feel similarly about the person he/she loves. I'm saying, simply that I wanted to say something to Michelle and this was what I chose.

An acquaintance of ours saw the frame one night and texted the message to her girlfriend, making it seem as if she had written it. This has bothered me since Michelle told me this happened and am not sure exactly why I can't be flattered and let it go. I suppose I resent my personal message to M being co-opted for someone I don't know. And a part of me feels that I've been ripped off. I don't understand why the acquaintance couldn't insert her own particular feelings into a similar message and instead texted my message verbatim. Also, I think the medium changes the meaning, or at least changes the many ways to read the "poem." In a text message, one would only see the text on a screen: I love you easily, not because love is easy but because...;" you get the point. The reader loses the colors and the font size which I chose specifically. The interpretation of I love you for all these reasons but mostly I just love YOU. is lost.

And I guess that's part of what bothers me. The original intent of the words have changed meaning as they have moved from one person to the next and I feel as though they have lost meaning as they've been re-interpreted, which is funny because I normally am not so attached my work. But this... this got to me.