I've not been blogging lately because we're house/dog/cat sitting and we don't have Internet out there. Here are some things I learned while "sitting."

    1. When eating, don't wipe your hands on your jeans unless you want the dog to lick his tongue raw on your jeans.

    2. Be prepared for anything, including the neighbor's housesitter arriving barefoot and locked out of the neighbor's.

    3. Remember: the dog, like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, will not be ignored.

    4. Wherever the cat wanders, the dog will be on top of it, harassing and attacking the poor feline.

    5. Neither animal will ever let you take a nap.

    6. Be sure to have paper towels and cleaning supplies on hand at all times for any kind of accident.

    7. You will not sleep through the night, so don't plan on it.

    8. Small dogs are exhausting.