blog year in review

I've been doing this meme for almost as long as I've been blogging. I like to see how well the things I write about here measure up to my understanding of the year that is coming or has come to a close. You can read previous years in review: 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005

Make a list of the first sentence(s) of the first entry you wrote for each month. I’m not including the first entries that are poems, lyrics, memes or photo posts.

January: I've always thought I was lucky that my birthday comes not long after Christmas.

February: I feel scattered, never getting my "to do" lists done. This week has begun much better but I still have a lot going on and am unsure how to organize it all.

March: I've been thinking about the upcoming time change since last week. I was talking to my carpool friend about the idea of "losing time." I was going on and on about how time is a kind of arbitrary and intangible thing and yet it's this huge driving force in our lives.

April: I contributed recently to an effort to have a poem a day on the NCTE/TYCA site; I recorded myself reading original poems.

May: I've had a busy, weird week as it is the end of the semester and there are tons of things to do before we break for summer.

June: There are a lot of things I know, in a logical sense, that don't quite make it to my emotional self.

July: Since I've been back in Illinois my days seem hectic. As soon as I returned we went to an Indigo Girls and Brandi Carlile concert at the Ravinia Festival.

August: Most of you who know me, know I have a tendency to run late. This was a kind of epidemic before I met M, who is notoriously and often annoyingly early. Typically we meet somewhere in the middle and are on time.

: I am currently teaching a roundtable narrative course (1 hr. a week) for minority scholars. Our first assignment is to create a six-word memoir.

October: So, what's interesting here to me is that my major primary elements are in conflict with one another: Fire and Water. This is not surprising to me.

: I have written before about my love for horror/scary films, and particularly the Twilight Zone. In my freshmen comp. class we're working on a project where we focus in on a specific part of our identity. When I was giving examples in class and in the prompt I talked alot about my horror film geek identity and how it's connected to me.

December: If you're wondering what to get a loved one for Christmas, my advice is to pay attention to what he/she looks at in a store, what they say they like when you're watching TV, just listen to the conversations they have with you and with others.

Recap: 2009 was an introspective and challenging year. I'm not one to shy away from challenges but I must admit there were many times where the best way to describe my mental state was overwhelmed. I also met some great students who reminded me why I love teaching, heard fantastic presentations which reminded me why I do research and I spent the summer reconnecting with my parents. I worked on an article for publication, which I'm still revising. Mom visited; we went to Chicago (the Aquarium, Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Jersey Boys; it was awesome). We took a lot of photographs and learned a great deal. I'd say 2009 was a year of extending our knowledge base in multiple arenas. I look forward to prioritizing and organizing what I've learned, putting it into good use and learning even more in 2010.