on a string

It's been a really good week in Panama City with Mom and Dad. Yesterday, we went to a kite exhibit at the Visual Arts Center downtown. It was really cool to see all the different kinds of kites from all over the world. Many of the kites, which came from a donor's private collection, looked like they had been flown at one time. There were small tears and patch jobs on a few of them. I enjoyed imagining the kites in the wind and the people flying them. So many of the kites were intricate and seemed fragile. The ones on display from India were made of tissue papers. It's amazing to me that something so small and intricate could fly on the wind, undamaged.

I have only flown kites a few times in my life. There's something kind of lovely and unpredictable about it, trying to catch the right amount of wind, waiting for the best moment to send it up and run alongside or beneath it. There's something quite playful about it, which is incredibly timely as I'm participating in the Mondo Beyondo Dream Lab, a summer of experimenting with the ideas of play, rest and kindness as ways to invite good things into my life, new perspectives and new dreams.

How fitting that during this time, I would wander through an exhibit of kites.

The whole set of pictures of the kites is on FlickR but here are some of my favorites: