and that was

and that was January

Somehow, it is already February and I am glad. Inspired by the wondrous Alexandra Franzen who encourages us not to forget our own awesomeness, I'm thinking about ways to better answer the question, "so, what have you been up to?" This also leads me to reflect on my January goals and consider some February ones. 

In January, I 

-had an awesome visit home, and spent some much needed time with my family and friends, especially my brother, Joanna and Grace. We made cookies and had a nostalgia music party, ate delicious food. My niece started walking. A nice kickoff to the year. Also visited with Gran and it was good.

-drew a heart in the sand, a moment I shared with my mom where I felt really happy until the seagulls started swarming

- read 6 books

-began Spring semester, teaching 3 classes 

-shared an amazing weekend in with M, complete with a meal I cooked for us, wine and flowers, a much needed, relaxing few days

-started boot camp class, which is incredibly hard but rewarding

-ate at least one vegetable with dinner, sometimes more

-started Project Life 2013

-shared some details of my life

-took photos of what I was wearing almost every day; I'm grouping them together for a later post

-bought a pair of converse, bright purple, for the first time in years

-turned 35 and had an excellent birthday weekend


Looking forward to February and making the most of its 28 days.