new aesthetics

I love asking design students to think about how identity plays into aesthetics and vice versa because it's something I think about a lot. It sometimes takes the entire semester for students to really understand that I'm asking them to be conscious about who they are as designers. Once they do, however, their final projects are much better, their choices more thoughtful.

I don't like asking my students to take on projects I won't do so I frequently talk about and engage in updating my own designs. I've been looking for a new blog template I could customize for a while now. I'm always on the lookout for a new way to organize, configure and construct the site. This can kind of be an obsession, always looking for the next best thing. But for me, it's been more about, well, evolving as a writer and blogger and exploring, creating, crafting an identity for the site that best represents what I'm about.

I've written about how I enjoy coding in all of its frustrating and meticulous glory. I've often said, "Some people knit; I code." But this redesign doesn't emerge from stress or distraction. Instead, it comes as a point on a continuum in my blogging life with conscious design choices. Maybe it will stick around for awhile, but then again, maybe not. :)

Blog Re-design 6/10