summer survival kit


Throughout my life, summer has typically meant heat, sun, sand, and lots of travel. Since my AC went out in my apartment last week, I was thinking about things that would help me survive the heat. Here are 12 items that might help you enjoy Summer just a little more. (These are just products I use and love or ones I like the idea of and want to get for myself. I receive nothing in return for collecting and sharing these links with you.)

1. Be nice to your feet. I cannot sing enough praises for these Sanuk Yoga Slingshot sandals. I want another pair. $36

2. Summer is my chance to catch up on reading. And while I could recommend any number of good books, I'm in the middle of Mindy Kaling's hilarious and thoughtful book, which seems to strike the perfect balance of wit and depth. $12

3. Please sun worshippers and beachgoers, wear sunscreen. Because I inherited pale, Irish, freckled skin, I burn incredibly easily. I wear SPF 15 as part of my moisturizer every single day and for days I'm going to spend some major time in the sun, I want something stronger. My skin is sensitive as well, and I've found that Aveeno's Protect + Hydrate line does a great job of protecting my skin, without feeling greasy or causing breakouts. I appreciate that the lotion is sweat and water resistant for over an hour. We used this on our Puerto Rico trip and I was really impressed by it. (Also the 3 oz. size is airport-friendly). $10

4. Water-resistant and perfect for poolside or the beach, this echo clear neon protective case duo will protect your reader and phone and you'll still be able to use them while in the case. $40

5. Sunglasses are important for protecting your eyes, especially in the Summer months. I wore tinted glasses that had no UVA/UVB protection one day in Puerto Rico and my eyes hurt for days afterwards. So please, when buying sunglasses, make sure you are getting the best protection you can. My regular glasses are Oakley frames and the quality of them is impressive. I really love these Oakley Hall Pass shades in Dark Plum. $120

6. Hanging out in the sun all day makes you tired and if you're like me, all the time talking and drinking water and just having your face in the sun can chap your lips. I am obsessed with lip balm and lip gloss and this Burt's Bees Lip Shine in Whisper is my current go-to. It's not sticky and it moisturizes while given a hint of color. Perfect for the Summer. $7

7. It might seem a little indulgent, but hydrating mist with aloe and Vitamin E can quickly moisturize and soothe your skin, which can help if you've gotten a sunburn because you did not reapply your sunscreen or missed a spot. This one is from Hampton Sun and though I have not used it, it comes it a 1 oz. size for 10 dollars, which you could travel with easily. $10-28

8. Ever since my sister-in-law introduced me to the elastic, wearable hair ties, I've been a big fan. It's nice to always have something with you to pull your hair back. My favorite brand is Kitsch. I don't think they stretch out as quickly, and they don't pull my hair in weird ways like some other brands I've tried. The pastels here are part of the Swan Lake bundle and you can find them on Amazon for $13.

9. In addition to protecting your eyes and skin in the heat, your entire body needs hydration. This 500 ml glass water bottle from mybkr is a great way to be good to the environment by using a refillable bottle and also good to yourself by having cold water nearby. It will also save you money in the long run, instead of constantly buying water. $30

10. I'm a sucker for Chevron and teal; put them together in a quick drying beach towel and you've got my attention. $30

11. You need a good Summer Playlist and I've been working on recommending some tunes for you. That's a post for tomorrow. But the preview is: Download Vance Joy's "Riptide" now if you haven't already.

12. You need a way to carry your survival kit with you. This vibrant, lined Key-per Fossil tote will do the trick. Unlike a lot of totes, it has a zipper. $70 on sale.