currently, april 2014

Playing: M and I have been playing Cards Against Humanity with our friends when we get together as well as other board games. My favorite right now is Forbidden Island because it's a cooperative game where you try to get off an island that is periodically flooding and sinking. You have to have certain cards left to get off the island as well as collect particular treasure before you can leave and if the way off gets flooded, the game is over. (I've realized I'm kind of horrible at describing gameplay). 

Drinking: Since I got my Verismo machine, I've been making espresso drinks with caramel or vanilla syrup and frothed milk. I love my milk frother. I have become even more high maintenance when it comes to coffee. 

Eating: rediscovering my obsession with black bean burgers, also eating a lot of yogurt and applesauce on days I teach

Watching: M and I started watching the French show "The Returned" that I've been waiting for months to see because it premiered on the Sundance channel, which I don't get because I only get 5 TV channels and I rarely watch those. Instead, I watch everything on Netflix or Hulu. Anyway, I love the show. It's a little frightening, sad and completely weird. It is subtitled so I have to watch it when I'm not trying to grade or do something else because you have to pay attention. I also recently watched Kill Your Darlings, a film about Alan Ginsberg and Lucien Carr, which I loved. I've seen other films try to capture the Beat Generation and while I have liked those attempts, I just thought this film was stellar. The acting is incredible and the story feels much more focused than other ones I've seen. I highly recommend it. Daniel Radcliffe is very good, so good, in fact, I forgot who he was as an actor. 

Listening: There's so much good music right now. I really like Phantogram, "Nothing But Trouble" and "Fall in Love" are pretty much on repeat right now on my playlists. The entire album, Voices, is exceptionally cool.

Wearing: Because it's raining and I don't trust the weather, I haven't brought out my flip-flops yet, but I have them ready. I've been wearing dark jeans and sweaters, but not having to wear my coat, which makes me incredibly happy. 

Reading: Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian, which I wish I'd picked up sooner. So many different people recommended it to me and I can see why. I just got the audio book so I can listen as well as read. (It's a 700 page book!) I also have the 2nd book in Ransom Rigg's Miss Peregrine series, Hollow City waiting for me. 

Feeling: optimistic

Wanting: a really good shaker for iced-tea, like the ones they use at Starbucks. I have something that works right now but I haven't found the exact thing I want. 

Wishing: I had better ways to communicate 

Hoping: some projects that I'm working on come together

Enjoying: the cool but not cold weather, even if it's a bit gloomy and rainy. I'll take a high of 60 any day. 

Loving: surprise phone calls and Face Time with my family, a lamp I found at a thrift store, which is silly but brings me an odd amount of joy.