#reverb14: routine, the daily stuff

Routine | Have you started a new routine this January?  Is this routine different from last year?  Is it the result of a resolution or goal you’re working on?  Tell us about your days.  How do they flow?  If you’d like, maybe give us a full “day in the life” or just some snippets.

This year, we had a pretty long winter break and I spent it traveling and visiting and hanging out and haven't had much of a routine since classes ended. Once they begin again in about a week, I will return to a routine of class, office hours, running consistently, yoga, spending too much time at my computer working and waking up with just enough time to shower. 

I would like to be more purposeful with my time, particularly in the mornings, but I'm not much of a morning person and so I tend to get up and rush out the door, forgetting lunches, coffee and books I need for class. It's how I roll. Barely contained chaos, people. 

However, one of my favorite parts of the day is walking across campus, especially after class is over and I'm not in a rush and walking back to my car. I often take a route that meanders a bit so I can take in the beauty of my surroundings. While the act of walking across campus, or running, or getting groceries or any number of the things I do consistently, is part of a routine, I want to be more present in those actions.