35 things another update

My original 35 things I want to do this year is here and the first update is here

1. Use my Kitchen-Aid once a month I went a bit crazy this summer making cookies and used the Kitchen-Aid quite a bit then. It's now officially out on my counter, taking up valuable real estate and so I'm hoping to put it to use more. 

2. Hike I'm still hoping to find a good, beginning hiking location. I've done a few small trails but I don't know that they are really considered hiking. 

3. Take a road trip I traveled all summer, road tripping alone and with M to Florida, Maryland, Louisville, St. Louis, Wisconsin, and Alabama. 

4. Make 5 new recipes (and blog about them) I blogged a few recipes: pizza puffs and chocolate orange zest cupcakes and I have facebooked a few recipes, too and have more planned for the blog. Totally doable.

5. Complete Project Life 2013  I pretty much gave up on doing this. I'm focusing on some other projects right now and I'm okay with that. 

6. Visit an aquarium  Still want to do this, though M and I went to St. Louis Zoo, which was fantastic.  

7. Take a first-aid class Not yet. 

8. Send Valentines   Yes, accomplished! 

9. Attend yoga regularly I've been going pretty regularly, and I really like the teacher. 

10. See 8 live events Accomplished. I've been to plays, lectures, Pygmalion music festival, and a few other shows. 

11. Eat more vegetables Still working on eating veggies but I'm really into okra right now and finding interesting ways to use it.

12. Write a letter to Gran each month I did well until this summer, and we have chatted a few times in between and I have a card in the works.

13. Write an article and send it out for publication.  Have a plan in the works for this. 

14. Write 10 poems Since I lead some poetry workshops this summer, I am confident that I'll get to 10 poems by the end of the year. I think I have about 6 that I like. 

15. Photograph a covered bridge.  I did! It was beautiful. 

16. Vacuum Weekly Perhaps I should change this to monthly, ha. I've done okay with this lately. 

17. Visit Hueston Woods M and I went when she visited me this summer and it was a bit of a letdown because we didn't have anything specific in mind to do. 

18. Write more 35 things lists Completed 2 of these so far and have a few more ideas for other posts

19. Volunteer I've mostly done campus volunteering so far, but I'm looking into working with some other organizations. 

20. Watch 10 films on AFI's lists There are many AFI lists to choose from but so far I've only watched The Big Sleep, The Maltese Falcon, Frankenstein, and The Philadelphia Story. 

21. Take a photo/self-portrait a day I don't know if I've done this each day but I've taken a lot more self-portraits each week and tried to take photos each day. I'm happy where this one stands and will continue to take photos even if I don't share them. 

22. Attend a local festival I missed some of the Fall Festivals but there are some winter events coming up I might try to get to.

23. Be grateful every day (keep a gratitude journal) This is working out pretty well, so far. 

24. Attend a charity event still want to do more event-going.

25. Try trail running Tried it, did not like it as much as I thought, but I've done a few trails with my running group, so haven't totally given up on it.

26. Make a monthly playlist So far, so good. If you follow me on Spotify using the link in the sidebar, you can subscribe to my monthly lists. 

27. Ride a roller coaster Not yet. Not sure how up for this I am since riding The Tower of Terror was truly terrifying 2 years ago. But if we make it to Orlando in the New Year, I will ride a coaster. I promise. 

28. Run a 5K Totally accomplished; I have run several, actually. I'm training for more miles right now since I totally slacked this summer. I'm planning to do the challenge as part of the Illinois marathon: running the 5K on Friday and the half-marathon on Saturday. We will see how it goes. 

29. Bowl a game over 200 Have yet to accomplish this

30. Go to the beach We did this on Spring Break and then again with my niece and parents and it was awesome. 

31. Read 20 books. I have updated this to 50. I've read 32 so far and doubt I will read 18 books in a few weeks, so I will at least have accomplished my regular goal and shoot for 50 next year. 

32. Be kind (Some days are easier than others)

33. Use office hours more effectively Going pretty well, I think. 

34. Keep a succulent garden Not yet.

35. See my niece every few months I feel good about how often I've visited. Of course, I always want to do more. And every time I see her on FaceTime, I try to think of ways to see her sooner. Going for Thanksgiving and then in December to run a 5K with my sister-in-law.