currently, july

Playing: Whirly Word, a word game where you make words out of letters you're given. Kind of basic, there's no time limit and you can't share or challenge your friends but it's a nice way to spend time if you need to keep your brain busy. 

Drinking: I just discovered Dunkin' Donuts Butter Pecan Iced Coffee, which is amazing and I'm sure more calories than I want to know about

Eating: Obsessed with artichokes, lemons and limes right now. Seeing how many summer salads into which I can cram these flavors. 


Watching: Season 3 of The Killing, which seems to have gained back some of its footing and whose layers of intrigue I am enjoying despite the sadness of desperation of the case(s). The acting is still fantastic and I love the tension in all of the relationships this season.

Listening: The Neighbourhood, "Let it Go," and "Sweater Weather" are getting some airplay on college radio, but the entire album is really excellent. Also loving "Halo" by The Pass and you can hear it and other songs I'm into via my Spotify playlist in the sidebar. 

Wearing: Awesomely nerdy glasses that I found while cleaning and refit new lenses. I think the frames are one of my first pair of glasses in college in 1997.


Reading: I've moved on to Clash of Kings  in the Fire & Ice Series by George R. R. Martin

Feeling: Inspired, lots of ideas for projects brewing  

Wanting: to write poems and read books, find solace in words

Wishing:  the world were more kind, more open-hearted. Some days I feel like I am in danger of losing my faith in humanity as more and more things happen that make me question our culture and where we're headed. 

Hoping: for understanding

Thinking: how quickly things change (5 years ago I was finishing a dissertation; my brother was getting married and I drowned my car in an underpass while torrential rains came in).

Enjoying: reconnecting with old friends

Loving: Sunday brunch and quiet afternoons