currently, june

Playing: Dots, which is seriously addicting and I am kind of terrible at it. It's basically a digital game of connect the dots, and yet somehow it's fun.

Drinking:  I've grown fond of the Donut House Cinnamon Roll K-cups with one mini-International Delight Hershey's Caramel creamer. I have one of these every morning. Also, still drinking green tea.

Eating:  After a week eating crappy food at lunch (cafeteria/catering style) and delicious and fattening food at dinners, I'm back to protein shakes and wraps. Do not fear, there will still be lots of goat cheese and feta. 

 Watching: Currently obsessed with Lost Girl. I do not know why I never watched this before now. So many people I know talked about it and tried to explain what I was missing out on. And they were so right! I am only on Season Two, early episodes. Also watching Season One of Game of Thrones while reading Book One, as well. 

Listening: MS MR, "Hurricane" I recently discovered MS MR and think their entire album is fantastic. I really love "Hurricane," though. Check out my current June playlist on the sidebar.


Wearing:  Love stripes, right now!

Reading:  Game of Thrones and also, The Poet by Michael Connelly 

Feeling:  Out of my routine, but hoping to get back to it this week 

Weather: Hot! Hello, Summer!

Wanting: Down time. It's funny; so many people ask what I spend my summers doing and after I list all the things I'm doing with my "time off" the envy seems to wear off. While it's true, I don't keep the same kind of schedule I do in Fall and Spring, I have been very busy lately with conferences and grading and workshops and spending time with family. 

Wishing:  Everyone I loved was in the same place or could get there quickly like magic. 

Hoping: for good running weather this week; I desperately need to build back up my miles. 

Thinking:  How much words are my life, the difference they have made and continue to make in my world. How stories matter.

 Enjoying: Not being on the road, at least for a week

Loving:  Running into people unexpectedly, making plans. Free crumbly cookies.