Squarespace 6

Things on the blog should look a little different today. I finally took the plunge, after months of deliberating and designing, shouting at the computer screen, re-designing and a bit more pulling of the hair and wringing of hands, then testing and crossing my fingers and watching tutorials and breathing a sigh of relief when I did not break the whole thing, and migrated to Squarespace 6 from Squarespace 5. I did so not because Squarespace 5 was limited in any way but because I've been wanting to do some things behind the scenes and with social media which Squarespace 6 makes seamless. So while I loved Squarespace 5, I wanted to see what Squarespace 6 would look like. 

I thought about going back to Wordpress, even looked at a few updated WP designs and played around with some templates but ultimately, I stuck with Squarespace for a few reasons. Since I moved to Squarespace over a year ago, I have been incredibly happy with the amount of design control, ease, and manageability of the blog. I appreciate the UI, the tech support and service and most importantly, the feeling that my work is secure.

I made the move to Squarespace after years on WP because my blog was hacked a few years ago and nothing I could do would fix it. Moving to Squarespace meant paying for a service (blog hosting) than I'd been getting for free but I looked at it like paying for insurance. Also, prettiness. I liked Squarespace templates and on Squarespace 5 I used two different templates which I modified into exactly what I wanted. 

Funnily enough, the design was the main reason I hesitated moving to Squarespace 6 even though I thought the new template options were lovely, I wasn't sure how much I would be able to change nor did I know if I would be able to adjust to a new UI in order to make design adjustments. It took some doing, some tutorial watching, googling, asking designer friends for advice, searching forums and finally deciding what I wanted the new space to feel like. I just kept repeating the word streamlined as I worked and I hope you can see that reflected in the new space.

If I've done everything codewise correctly you should not experience any hiccups in receiving RSS feeds; all of the links should still work and you should see the content here as you normally do. If this is not the case and you receive errors or strange redirects or interruption of feeds, please let me know by emailing me: @devonfralston@gmail.com or using the contact form available via the sidebar link.