celebrating National Poetry Month

In class today, we talked about how to celebrate NPM in writing classes, how to teach with poetry, write poetry, read it. The students came up with some amazing stuff and we played with found poetry, haiku, and response poems. 
Here is the haiku I wrote: 
Long Distance
fingers outstretched reach 
for your hand, find space instead
absent but not gone


and my found/blackout poem: 


photo (5)

I forgot how much fun writing on the fly, experimenting with language, with forms can be. 

This year's National Poetry Month poster is cool because it's designed by Jessica Helfland who has researched and composed an amazingly rich book on scrapbooking. But it also speaks to me because of the lines from Rilke it uses: 

Write about your sorrows, your wishes, your passing thoughts, your belief in anything beautiful.

I think that is what I try to do here in this space. Sometimes, I succeed. But I always write.