poem in my pocket

This is the poem I carried in my pocket in celebration of National Poetry month. I took a photo of the poem and saved it as my lock screen. Kind of a cool way to carry a poem in one's pocket, don't ya think? 

I've been a fan of Nikki Giovanni's since undergrad when I completed a project on her for a poetry class and when I got to meet her years ago, I thought I was going to faint. She was gracious and nice and hysterical and allowed me to send her a poem I'd written inspired by her. I find her amazing as a person not just a poet and I'm obsessed with her love poems. This one comes from her book, Bicycles.


A Song For You

~Nikki Giovanni

I sing for you
Out of tune
Off key
Forgetting lyrics
Remembering longing

I perch
On your heart
I whisper in your ear

Tiptoeing lightly
Across your lashes
I steal a kiss

You flick
And blink
And flick

I fly away
Leaving my song
     doo wop doo wop
doo wop doo ditty ditty wop


Poem on my pocket