currently, march

Drinking: Green tea

Eating: lots of avacodos, artichokes, peas

Listening:  Frightened Rabbit's  "Backyard Skulls" and "Woodpile" and The 1975's Chocolate the video for which is below, really digging their album right now


Wearing: 3 sizes smaller pants and jeans than I did last year. Also a lot of workout/running gear including these headbands that I love but are kind of annoying at the same time. Maybe I don't completely understand how to wear them because I am 35 and out of touch. 

Working it out

Reading: The Dinner  by Herman Koch on my mother's recommendation

Feeling: Lucky, and grateful for everyone's support and encouragement as M and I work toward running a 5K. Also feeling incredibly lucky for my family. We don't always agree on politics or social issues or how spicy chili needs to be but I appreciate them and enjoy their company. Even if we're a bit like a circus, it's one I'm proud to belong to.

Weather: It's snowing today and yesterday it was 42. Earlier this week, I likened March to a rebellious teenager who snuck out the window when I wasn't looking and whose mood has seemed up and down, typical teenager, right?

Wanting: more days of sunshine 

Needing: focus, I feel distracted and all over the place, lately 

Wishing: chocolate was part of a healthy and low-calorie diet

Thinking: about what to do for dinner

Enjoying: a day of getting things done

Loving: being able to run 3 miles