35 things

I turned 35 on Monday. In many ways I feel every year and yet in other ways, I cannot believe I am now in my mid-thirties. I have to check a completely different box now when I fill out surveys and forms. I am older, yes, and hopefully wiser, which doesn't mean I don't have things to learn. 

The past few years I have made lists of things I want to do. I was inspired by many bloggers I read and many of my friends who make bucket and similar lists. You can read my 33 and 34 lists if you're interested. What I've learned from making the past lists and from reflecting more deeply on goal-setting, is that what interests me now my not interest me in the future AND that things like "draw a heart in the sand and photograph it" can create surprising moments that might not have otherwise happened. I am learning that in my life, I need to make a way for possibilities, create openings for experiences and not be afraid to say yes to something when it scares me.

This year, you'll notice there is a lot of writing on this list, something to which I want to return. There are also health-related things and professional areas which come up continously in my goal setting. And there are things I've brought back that worked well in the past like reading books and watching films.

1. Use my Kitchen-Aid once a month

2. Hike

3. Take a road trip

4. Make 5 new recipes (and blog about them)

5. Complete Project Life 2013

6. Visit an aquarium

7. Take a first-aid class

8. Send Valentines

9. Attend yoga regularly

10. See 8 live events

11. Eat more vegetables

12. Write a letter to Gran each month

13. Write an article and send it out for publication

14. Write 10 poems

15. Photograph a covered bridge

16. Vacuum Weekly

17. Visit Hueston Woods

18. Write more 35 things lists

19. Volunteer

20. Watch 10 films on AFI's list

21. Take a photo/self-portrait a day

22. Attend a local festival

23. Be grateful every day (keep a gratitude journal)

24. Attend a charity event

25. Try trail running

26. Make a monthly playlist

27. Ride a roller coaster

28. Run a 5K

29. Bowl a game over 200

30. Go to the beach

31. Read 20 books

32. Be kind

33. Use office hours more effectively

34. Keep a succulent garden

35. See my niece every few months