Answering emails from students about assignments

Feeling an ache in my back from cleaning, vacuuming, standing around

Wondering about my family in Alabama; there were tornados in their neck of the woods

Appreciating the rain and the slight increase in temperatures 

Using the other side of the loveseat; changing my routine and habits

Trusting that my decisions to shift some things in class will make sense to the students

Reflecting on expectations and how to meet them

Knowing how quickly time is moving (4 weeks until Spring Break)

Reading The Flight of Gemma Hardy by Margot Livesy

Listening to Noosa "Walk on By," American Royalty, "Matchstick" and Walk the Moon "Tightrope" whose video is below. I totally love this band and this song makes me dance around my apartment. 


Working on Tuesday's class lesson

Surrounded by papers and mail

Giving in to where I am now, this moment

Enjoying a cleaner apartment (I spent some major time organizing and vacuuming and cleaning Sunday).

Understanding that not everyone is kind or humble and no matter what I do, I cannot change people.

Expressing my deep gratitude for my mom whose conversations I look forward to and who always listens like she always has.

Joining a running club though I'll be walking (for now).

Sharing what is happening in almost mid-February.