Project Life 2013: Week Five

Monday of Week Five was my birthday, so I included some cards that people gave me using the 6x 12 page protectors.



The card above is from my mom and is really cute. Dad even signed it. 


Love that chocolate cupcake. Big indulgence but worth it. The people at Sunsinger were so great they brought M her own dessert, too. She said, "I guess we could have shared." Took a bite and said, "I'm glad we don't have to." Quintessential M.

Lots of journaling this week. I printed the Week in Review card before my injury happened so the story of that is included on smaller cards. I could add it and reprint it and I may do that. 


M took a few of these photos on our cold walk around the neighborhood. Then we booked it inside. Love those arrows from January's Studio Calico kit. They worked well with this page both in theme and color.


The injury page. I can laugh about it now, because I'm okay and I'll be able to exercise again, soon. But at the time, I was very scared and hated that I was alone. I included the instructions from the doctor and my id tag from urgent care and did some journal about all the things going through my mind while I waited. 

And then there's snow! Not as much as other parts of the country are getting. In fact, you can't tell it snowed here, at all, now. 


Eating snacks. I love these chocolate pretzel bars. I always try to have something in my purse because I get so hungry on days I teach. Since I'm not exercising, I'm trying to do be more disciplined in my eating, but still get to have chocolate.

I took Ali's advice this week and moved around my apartment to get better quality photos of my layouts and I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. I am looking forward to working with February's kit. I just got it today. 

Materials used:  Studio Calico's Jan. KitSeafoam Core KitCathy Zielske's Week in Review Cards, Becky Higgins 6 x 12 Page protectors and Design D pages Snowboot sticker from my stash; I think they're Jolee's Boutique.