following Amy Tan's suggestion, here's what's going on right now:

Drinking: Tazo Black Tea from Starbucks
Eating: indulging in my last bit holiday treats (peanuts and cashews)
Listening: The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Playlist on Spotify
Wearing: blue jeans, a black, teal and grey geometric sweater, my Origami owl necklace, Skechers glasses

 What I'm Wearing today 1/3/13

Reading: Wild by Cheryl Strayed
Feeling: bittersweet, and like I have a lot to do 
Weather: cold, cloudy, 26 degrees
Wanting: to be in multiple places at once, to be less anxious, to take some time to enjoy these last days before classes begin
Needing: more hours in the day
Wishing: health and happiness for the New Year!
Thinking: about rituals and routines (a blog post brewing) 
Enjoying: not having a ton of emails to answer
Loving: the warmth of the blanket I got for Christmas