#reverb13: adventure is out there


Adventure: Did you go on an adventure in 2013?  What sort?

I never expected to respond so strongly to an animated character as I did when I saw Up for the first time. As a kid, I was certainly a dreamer, imagining all kinds of adventures. My brother and I used to sit on our roof, looking at the stars, talking about all the places we wanted to visit, things we would do. It's that kind of innocence that Ellie captures, the steadfast belief that she will get to the Falls and have her adventure.

What follows is a montage of Ellie's life, the small adventures that each day brings, and the sometimes painful truths and disappointments that go along with it. The thing about adventures is that we imagine them as big moments, something out of the ordinary, and they can be. But I also think that we can have adventurous spirits no matter what it is we're doing. 

I've had all kinds of adventures this year. 

I've run in 5 5K's.

We went to Disneyworld in March with M's mom. 

I met Jeopardy champion, Ken Jennings

M and I stood on top of Dan's Rock in Frostburg, MD, a trip that was an adventure in itself including me being awfully sick. 

I bet on my first horse race at Churchill Downs. And won a few bucks. 

We went to St. Louis for a Cards game, visited the Zoo and had delicious Indian food. A much needed weekend away. 

But Vegas was probably the biggest adventure because a) it's Vegas, and b) all the stuff we crammed into a weekend, including the Cirque Beatles' Love show, dolphins at Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden, a trip to Hoover Dam, and hanging out with M's family, celebrating her aunt's wedding. 

Right after the Vegas trip, my parents visited. Mom and I went on some of the trails near campus, which was an adventure because some of the paths were blocked by downed trees and we had to wind our way around to get back to the car. We also ate at The Hearthstone, a restaurant featured in Rain Man.

M and I dressed up as Hedwig and Mad Eye Moody for Halloween, though the waiter at the restaurant thought I might be Lady GaGa. We also went bowling where I lost the costume contest. I was robbed. 

I picked out a pumpkin, which I ended up not carving. 

I traveled to Alabama for Thanksgiving where I had an awesome time with my niece, including sharing popsicles. 

This week, it snowed several inches creating an adventure just getting out the few times I needed to attend talks and dinners on campus. 

Adventure is always out there; it just depends on where you find it. 

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