#reverb13: another year

Blowing Out the Candles: You’re another year older!  How did you celebrate the passage of another year?  Did it turn out the way you had hoped?


I turned 35 this year. I celebrated with M, and our friends, Kenny and Jen. We went to Escobar's, which was delicious as always, and then had the awesome chocolate birthday cake Jen made. I really do love blowing out candles. 

I have always enjoyed having a January birthday. I like the fresh start that comes in January and appreciate the reflection that comes with another year going by and turning a year older. For the past few years, I've created lists of things I wanted to accomplish before my next birthday. Some of the goals are big picture, like publishing an article while others are more simple such as photographing a covered bridge. You can find my 35 list here, and also: 34, & 33. I recently posted an update to my 35 x 35 list and I have a month left before I create my 36 x 36 list. The goals help me frame my expectations and intentions for the year and as I've mentioned before, this year's list was intended to push me to remain open, to seek out people, opportunities, connections and I feel good about the year as a whole. There are some health and running goals I want to accomplish in 2014 that will rank pretty high.