Project Life 2013: Week Two

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Again, not great photos of the layout. I forgot my regular lens in Champaign so this is what I have this week. 


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Mom and I went to visit her mother. We also went to a local park near a beach area so I could draw hearts in the sand and take photos of blue herons that hang out there. 




I don't think Mom and I have had a photo together in a while. These are kind of dark, though moreso in this photo of the layout than in person.



I took some photos of my mom after her haircut and she snapped a quick one of me and Gran which I wanted to include:



I spent the night in Birmingham again with Matt, Joanna and Grace. We went to the Cajun Steamer and then sang to 80's and 90's songs and a little nostalgia dance party. Oh, Grace is walking now!


Again, I apologize for the poor quality photos and the blurriness but I wanted to get these posted. 

Materials used this week: Studio Calico's Jan. Kit, Seafoam Core Kit, Cathy Zielske's Week in Review Cards.

Lots of cell phone pics though I used the camera at the beach, too.