#reverb 13: extroverts need down time, too

Personality:  Were you an extrovert or an introvert this year?  Why?  Is that normal for you?  Or a switch from previous years?

I like that this prompt doesn't envision personality as fixed, but rather on a spectrum along which we slide. This resonates with me because I am, for the most part, an extrovert. It's something I recognized early in my life, or rather, it was pointed out to me. On report cards I was called "highly verbal and imaginative". Teachers often had conferences with my parents to figure out how to harness my energy and smarts, which often included me reading to younger students and helping with others' work during class. 

Extroversion isn't solely about being outgoing, but rather being energized by people, bored when alone and easily expressive.  And I strongly identify with those qualities, although to be honest, I am rarely bored. I do my best thinking during conversations. I reach insight while talking. In fact, I've often asked people around me, usually M, to listen while I work something out.I also enjoy reading a book, having a Netflix marathon weekend where I rarely leave the house, and recharging quietly during yoga. 

But as I live most weeks by myself, I'm a bit of a starved extrovert and when I get around people, I sometimes feel like a puppy dog who's been home alone too long. I try to go to coffee shops, the gym, campus to combat being alone for too long. I call my mother who lets me rattle stuff off because she gets me. I spend time blogging, on Facebook, texting, IMing, doing what I can to create connections. 

So what I would say about this year is that I've been doing what I can to honor my extrovert needs while appreciating the more introverted moments. Still, I know that I feel more like myself surrounded by people, telling stories or listening to stories, and laughing. I need to be part of the world around me, and when I'm too much alone, I crave people the way I crave coffee, chocolate, and good music.