#reverb13: anchors

Anchor:  What kept you tethered to 2013?


This is a painting my sister-in-law made for me because she knows of my love of nautical metaphors. I have it in my living room and look at it multiple times a day, which helps to remind me the importance of surrounding myself with good things, supportive people, a positive mindset. There are many things that help anchor me. Running, yoga and meditation are a significant part of the routine that tethers me, and gets me out of my head, out of my own way. 

Nothing snaps you out of your own worries like children do and I'm incredibly lucky to be part of the lives of two amazing little girls, my niece, Grace and our friend Kate's daughter, Nora. Both of them brighten any day I can spend with them and watching them learn about the world around them is a true joy. 

I can always count on my colleagues near and far to bring me down to earth when I'm worried about teaching, students, the academic life. Sometimes this happens via text, facebook message, email, in coffeehouses, department meetings, or get togethers. 

And of course, M is the great anchor, the one who teases me about the big words I use in everyday conversation, who reminds me to be silly when I start taking myself too seriously, but who also provides the gravity for my life.