#reverb 13: inspirations

I wrote a long blog post about being inspired and then because I had too many windows open simultaneously, I lost it. So I'm going to attempt to recreate it but I can't promise the insight of the original post. 

I define inspiration as something that makes me think more deeply, widens my perspective or encourages creativity and action. 

I am one of those hokey people who believe inspiration is everywhere. I don't always pay attention nor do I always feel inspired but I'm never at a loss when I'm looking for it. 

I find it easy to fall in love with ideas, words, language. I've said before that words are infinitely powerful and that is one of my most strongly held beliefs. My greatest source of inspiration is probably from writers, poets, wordsmiths, but I also am inspired by bloggers, great conversationalists, and my students. Storytelling resonates so strongly with me that I'm most inspired by stories and storytellers. I've written already about books I've loved this year, specifically, but there are other people, places and stories I seek out when I need inspiration. 

I love Thoreau's Walden. "The universe is wider than our views of it."  And I re-read it whenever I'm feeling depleted or at a loss. 

Mark Nepo's The Book of Awakening is always a source of inspiration. I used it a few years ago as daily meditation and frequently go back through it. 

Anything by Anne Lamott or Annie Dillard, in particular Lamott's Help, Thanks, Wow.

Lindsey continues to inspire me to pay attention to the world around me, but also to embrace the light and dark, the highs and lows, disappointments and successes as equally important and valuable. I often respond to questions, prompts, memes and ideas she posts, and continue think about her thoughtful words much later in my day. I also take her book recommendations seriously and have discovered many amazing stories through them. 

My friend, Tam lives so authentically and honestly that you can't help but be changed by posts, conversations and insights she shares. Within weeks of meeting me, she and her honey helped me so tremendously when I lost my keys in the park. Their kindness in a moment of panic struck me deeply.  One of the things I've tried to do both on the blog but also in my life and in my classroom is to be more open with people, and Tam is someone I admire for the way she achieves this in a way that seems effortless, though I know it is not always easy. Her 10 Word Movie Reviews are also fantastic! 

 I am inspired by all the people in my life who love and encourage me. M, in particular, who makes sacrifices so that I can do what I do. There's no way to express all the ways I'm inspired by her belief in me. I've often said she brings a gravity to my life, that she is my anchor and compass. It's never been more true than this past year and a half.