small details

Lindsey posted recently about the small glimpses into our own lives and the lives of others and the ways in which small details can tell us a great deal. I absolutely believe that is true. My entire "about me" page is full of these glimpses, and many of my blog posts, too. It's why I get so much out of doing currently posts and responding to memes. I believe in the details of life; it's where we do our living and it's completely fascinating.

The few questions she posed:

 If you are married, do you and your spouse have anything engraved inside your wedding rings?  If so, what?

No, we do not. My bands are narrow and small and I never thought about engraving anything before. If I were to do so, however, it would be: "i carry your heart" from my favorite e.e cummings poem, which was read at our wedding and has found newfound resonance in our distance from one another right now.

- Have you broken bones?  A lot, or none?  Which?

None so far. 

- Who is your favorite fictional character of all?

Gosh, this is so incredibly tough. As a voracious reader, it's so hard for me to choose a favorite. I've written about my favorite literary heroines before and so many of them come to mind easily. But because I like the weird and mysterious and because I'm re-reading the Conan Doyle stories right now, I'm going to say Sherlock Holmes, as problematic as that is. My second instinct was Brett Ashley because I just adore her, as flawed as she is. I love a character who has more flaws than I, who is clearly neurotic and in need of saving. Doesn't that tell you almost everything about me. 

- If you are (or have been) married, what was the first dance song at your wedding?

We did not dance. We bowled. The only music played was from The Pirates of the Caribbean films when we walked in. We don't really have a song. We have soundtracks and albums and sayings. 

- What was your very favorite book when you were a child?

I probably read "A Secret Garden" so many times I tore the cover. I also read Nancy Drew and a book of folktales my grandmother gave me. Those were my standards. 

Some extra details:

My favorite ice-cream is strawberry. Peanut butter and chocolate come a close second.

I love the candy and icee flavor blue raspberry because it is completely made up and there is something wonderful about that.

I am an Aquarius. Very much so. And each night I sleep with the sound of rain or waves crashing  thanks to my sound machine because otherwise I cannot sleep. 

I am creative and absentminded and I care deeply about other people. 

I believe kindness is an underrated quality and I'm trying this year to be more aware of and recognize kindness in others and cultivate in myself. 

My favorite flowers are daisies. I also love hydrangeas and hyacinths.

I never had a security blanket or stuffed animal I was attached to or any tangible object I could not live without as a kid. My vice was and has always been books. I snuck them under the covers, fell asleep reading them, burned a whole in my pillow trying to read to my nightlight. Though I did have one bear, a Winnie the Pooh bear that I adored and still have. He always sat in a chair in my room, though. I also thinks this says something about me.