some of those random things

As someone who writes about her life and thoughts on a relatively regular basis, I've been intrigued by the "random things about me" meme going around Facebook. I'm interested in the kinds of details we choose to share and of course, how we consider the things that make us.  Many of my favorite posts to write and read are these collections of stuff, the details and  minutiae of life. My "about me page" is a collection of details. I've explored my life in numbers, shared what's on the various shelves and surfaces, written about book habits and music; each month (I try to make it each month, anyway) I write currently posts to capture what I'm listening to, reading, watching, thinking, feeling at the moment. 

I believe details tell us a lot about one another. They connect us and make us feel less alone. We can identify with people we meet by sharing these pieces of our lives. My students often tell me that they appreciate seeing me as a person, that I'm willing to open up, joke around and share my interests, even in limited ways with them.  Details like music and book recommendations and stories of others' lives inspire us. I'm always interested in what we feel represents us. Why these details instead of others? What do I think these random facts say about who I am? How will others interpret these details? In many ways what we share are constructed choices even if they are not always conscious. With that being said, here are some "random things" about me, in no particular order. 

1. I am geekily obsessed with fonts. I have terrible handwriting since I pretty much only write notes and grocery lists by hand anymore and type almost everything else. Also, because I cannot draw, I like using font/typography as visual elements 

2.  I'm not a big fan of almonds. In fact, I'm one of those annoying people who pick around them while eating mixed nuts.

3. I enjoy crossword puzzles though I am not very good at them. My Me-Ma, my mother's mother has always been really great at them; she has special dictionaries and used to collect puzzles out of several papers. When I moved from Alabama to Illinois, my Dad and brother drove the U-Haul while Mom and I were in her CRV. We had walkie talkies and Matt kept trying to complete a crossword puzzle without a pen, asking for clues across the walkie talkies. 

4. I subscribe to a ridiculous amount of magazines. I flip through most of them, but closely read Wired, Rolling Stone and Psychology Today.

5. I am in constant search of the perfect wallet. I have a lot of reward cards and memberships in addition to my ID's, and other stuff I carry. I want to have it all organized in a wallet that is also attractive. I'm picky and have currently solved the problem by using 2 wallets simultaneously. 

6. When I was in elementary school, I was easily bored and got in a lot of trouble because of it. There were two teachers who gave me extra, more challenging work and also let me help them when I was done with my work. I fondly remember laminating and helping create bulletin board displays. I also had an opportunity to read books to younger classes which I completely loved. I'll never forget those teachers who understood my boredom and helped funnel my energy and interests into something useful. 

7. I'm not really a morning person, but I end up getting up early (between 7:30 and 8) without an alarm clock. I like taking my time reading blogs, news, making coffee, showering leisurely so I don't feel rushed into my day. 

8. I hate writing on chalkboards. I prefer the markers and whiteboard. Right now I teach in three different classrooms. Two have a whiteboard and one has a chalkboard, which means I carry markers and chalk around in my bag. 

9. I tend to watch hour long dramas rather than sitcoms or other 30 minute shows. Though I've recently been watching Trophy Wife, and think it's hilarious though the name is terrible. I often catch on to series late and now I only have basic cable, so I probably watch much less TV than I did. 

10. I once burned a hole in my pillowcase because I was reading by the naked bulb of my night light and fell asleep. It wouldn't be the first time I fell asleep reading, surrounded by books instead of stuffed animals. Such is the life of a bookworm.