Answering emails from students about citation

Feeling the aches in my legs from Friday's Cross-training session and today's workout

Wondering what to make for dinner 

Appreciating the gorgeous day, sun still high in the sky

Using the hefty comforter and sleeping with the windows open

Knowing time is moving so quickly these days (Where did September go?) 

Reading Divergent by Victoria Roth

Listening to Delta Spirit and the new Muse single, which I love and of course, the new Mumford and Sons because I love them!

Working on an article with an impending deadline and thus

Surrounded by philosophy books I haven't read since I was in my twenties

Scheduling dates (meetings) on my calendar

Giving in to the familiar pangs of loneliness and living away from the one I love

Enjoying my work and

Understanding the opportunity I've been given

Expressing my gratitude for the richness and changes in my life and for everyone who is a part of it

Joining Ali Edwards today (even though she posted this a week ago or so) and 

Sharing what is happening right now at the very end of September.