Project Life 2012 Catch-Up Weeks Twenty-Seven through Thirty-One

Moving in August put a significant halt in my Project Life scrapbooking. Even after I got all of my stuff out of boxes, I was busy adjusting, settling in. Then the Fall semester started. Once I got caught up, I didn't have a way to take pictures. (The ones on my cell phone were not cutting it for me). So, when I visited M, I grabbed our first DSLR and kit lens because I thought it'd be better than my cell phone. I don't love the images because the lighting is terrible in my living room but the point is to record the process and that's what I've done. 

I'll share some of the layouts from each week because I have many weeks to share. And I'll split them into a few posts.

This is Week Twenty-Seven from July, which covers 4th of July.

July 4 and the moving process.

I received official paperwork and contracts for my new job. I began seriously packing, deciding which books to sell and donate and which to move. We also celebrated the 4th with M's family at a potluck/bbq which was a lot of fun, though I was incredibly tired by the end of the day. I am using Design G page protector and mostly photos on this page. The details card is from the original turquoise kit and the Celebrate! is a Smash Card. The bottom quote is something I found while looking for quotes about change and it is incredibly suited for what I'm experiencing. I pulled one of the Miss Tiina downloads into Photoshop, typed the quote and printed it. Easy peasy. Here is a close-up: 

This is change close up

Week Twenty-Eight: Somewhere in the Middle of July


Michelle practices riding a Scooter. We make pesto and goat cheese pizza, which is incredible! We bowl and hang out with friends. Moving day gets closer and closer and I try very hard not to panic. 

Weeks Twenty-Nine & Thrity: I get some help from the coolest kids around. 


First Charlotte came and helped me pack and make decisions and keep me company. Then Dillon who did the worst job: cleaning out the oven! 


We did manage to find time to see The Dark Knight Rises which was awesome. Not a ton of photos here but some small ephemera like lottery tickets, movie tickets and card stock, stickers, etc. Love the ampersands which come from several different sticker sets in my stash. I worked on using a lot of leftover things up in these layouts. 


I cleaned washed the oven racks while the oven was being sprayed down. Did lots of cleaning both before and after the movers came. The house looked so strange so empty. 



I babysat Nora one last time. Got a warning while driving Indiana backroads on the way to Ohio and moved some things like shampoo and cleaning stuff in my car. Then returned to Champaign for Josh and Jeni's wedding: 


I used a Martha Stewart 5X7 envelope/page protector for Josh and Jeni's program. I like how the page behind shows through in this photo. 

That's 27-31. These layouts were about getting it done, getting caught up and using the materials on hand. Some pages I like more than others but I like having these weeks recorded and that's what matters.