annoying things about my kitchen and a few good things

I am seriously annoyed with the kitchen in my apartment. It's very small and there just isn't enough room for the things I need to do. 

There is no prep space, not enough counter space to even try to find a place to chop vegetables or fruit or mix things in a bowl. This is why I have been dropping food lately, and not at all because I am a clumsy mess these days. 

The sink is ridiculously shallow and any kind of stream of water from the faucets splashes all over whatever is near the sink, the walls, the drying rack of dishes, me. 

I have a dishwasher that is more like dish caress-er. I would rather not have a dishwasher than to have a crappy dishwasher because the crappy dishwasher is a tease. It is a suggestion, an allure, a complete falsehood of a dishwasher that gets your hopes up and then says, "oh, just kidding, I'm not really a dishwasher." Some of my dishes look worse coming out. I have tried pre-washing them. Using several kinds of detergent, using jet-dry rinse and the higher cycles on the dishwasher. Nothing helps. Tonight, I just ended up rewashing more than half of the dishes I'd put in the so called dishwasher. Super annoying.

Lack of cabinet space; I think most people have this complaint about their kitchen. I have never heard anyone say, "I have too much cabinet space or too much storage."

Some things I do like:

The number of outlets, all 3 pronged

Nice stove/oven, easy to clean and doesn't burn everything to a crisp

Easy to clean floors that end up looking relatively clean after mopping and sweeping

Nice refrigerater that works well and doesn't sound like a dying seal, you guys remember that noise from the townhouse? 

Tons of light, for as small as the kitchen is there are several light fixtures, which make the kitchen very bright.

In conclusion, I am mostly annoyed about the stupid dishwasher. But that leads me to other annoying things and then I start to think about how tiny it is and how half my kitchen stuff is in boxes or closets and how the whole dining room has been taken over by kitchen stuff and looks like a disaster area. My mom said, "You'll get it figured out." And I'm thinking, "this is figured out." 

I'm lucky to really like my apartment, its location and price. I love the large living room and master bedroom; the 1.5 bathroom. I am lucky to have a place to live. I know these things.

But I really hate the dish caress-er and its whole cavalier attitude toward cleaning. Grrr.