14 by 14

If you've been reading my blog for any time, you know that I love memes, quizzes, prompts, anything that gets me thinking and writing about things I would not have thought of on my own. I can't remember where I saw this because I've had the questions in a draft on my computer since April. 

1. What is your favorite book?  Why?

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. It isn't just Shelley's writing, though I certainly enjoy how the story unfolds but I love what this book has brought into my life. I love the weirdness and the madness and the questions it raises about intention and creation. It's a novel I've read numerous times and each time, something new emerges. 

2. What song brings you back most viscerally to a moment in your history?  Where does it take you?

There are oh so many songs that snap me right back to a certain time and place. I've written about a few before. "One Headlight" by Wallflowers takes me to a night on the river with my friends, a night that involves everything I can imagine about being in my twenties, about long weekends, about summer and having very little responsibilities. I remember singing loudly to this song as we crossed the bridge on Friday and a little more quietly as we sang on the return trip on Monday, as we returned to reality, I suppose. There wasn't anything particular about the weekend that I remember; It just recalls for me all the quintessential Mobile summer nights, my skin hot from a day in the sun, drink in hand, watching one of the guys we hung out with chase a girl around the yard, G's brother sulking in a corner, smoking. I remember the air, thick with the promise of rain, the way that it turns cool in mid-August if you catch the breeze just right on the water. I remember thinking that I never wanted THIS, to end. There's a part of me still there, on the edge of that river, toes on the shore, refusing to move. My shoulders are burned and each time my hair hits them, I shiver. 

3. Who is your favorite character in fiction?

I wrote a bit about my literary heroines last year and I'm going to stay true to that list and say the first character who came to mind: Brett Ashley from The Sun Also Rises. Here is part of what I said then: Brett knows herself; she knows her mind and her heart is too easily changed. She knows love is difficult and life is even harder. She makes the most of it and I refuse to fault her for that. 

4. What is your favorite food?  What about foods you abhor?

Lately, it's been goat cheese. I really love blueberries this summer, too. I really, really don't like onions.

5. Are you a morning or a night person?

I used to be much more of a night person. My mother says I never wanted to sleep, afraid I would miss something. I love a cool, fall night somewhere you can see the stars. But as I've gotten older, I've begun to appreciate the morning more. But I'm still grumpy and annoyed in the morning; I don't know that I'll ever truly convert to being a "morning person" but I'm no longer a night owl, either. I'm more like an afternoon person. Around 4, I really start to get energized. Of course, my schedule is entirely screwy now that I'm in a different time zone and not really in an established routine. 

6. What is your default font when you write on your computer?

Century Gothic 

7. How many siblings do you have?  

1, a brother who lives in north Alabama with his wife and adorable daughter

8. What season do you like best?

Fall, without a doubt, as seasons go. I like the Summer because it means a break in my work schedule but I don't love it as a season. Fall is where it's at for me. 

9. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A racecar driver and then, a writer. 

10. If you practice yoga (even sporadically) what is your favorite pose?

I used to do yoga more but when I practice now, I especially enjoy one of the stretching poses, bounded angle I think it's called. 

11. When was the last time you cried?

A week or so ago, while watching a movie

12. When was the last time you laughed?

I laugh a lot. But I laughed really hard at a silly text message exchange a few days ago. Thinking of it now makes me smile.

13. What technology/device would you not want to live without?

That's a tough one. I suppose I could cheat a little and say streaming technology. I love that I can stream Amazon and Netflix movies and TV shows through my PS3 and I would never survive without Spotify. 

14. Red, white, mixed drink or beer? What's your go-to?

I don't drink alcohol much anymore. I like red wines like Shiraz, especially. I'm not a huge fan of beer but I'll indulge with Strongbow cidar every now and then. My go-to mixed drink is So-co and Cranberry. Don't judge me.